A Stepwise Guide for SEO Keyword Research Along with Free Tools
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A Stepwise Guide for SEO Keyword Research Along with Free Tools

A Stepwise Guide for SEO Keyword Research Along with Free Tools

The hummingbird update that was made by Google generated quite a stir in the world of search engine marketing which introduced a much more conversion focused approach for the search engines. But the keywords are also relevant. Thus, searching for the right keywords and continuing the research for the SEO is still important. Though there are a lot of paid tools presently available on the internet, this article will show you how to conduct an effortless research on the keywords with free tools. Before we delve deep in to the details, the primary objective of this article is to obtain a manageable list of keywords that are able to accomplish the flowing features:

Firstly, a proper chance of ranking within the first page of Google. Secondly, keywords those are relevant enough for your business for converting the searchers into the paying customers. And lastly, it can have a positive impact on your business.

Discovering keywords

The first step is expanding the range of keywords so that we can include as many keywords as possible and for this you have to think up a lot of keywords having the same meaning but of different variations. But it must be remembered while inputting the keywords, your brand name or company name or the products names must be included so that it becomes more convenient for people to find you while looking up in the internet. If your business is targeted to a specific location, then it will be easier for you if you input the locations. During this stage, you won’t have to focus on the quality of the keywords.

Evaluation of keywords

Considering the evaluation, the keywords will be sorted out based on the overall merit. In simpler terms, the keywords will be divided by the following factors:

  1. Relevance of keyword
  2. Volume of search
  3. The competitive edge
  4. The stage of buying cycle (SOBC)

After that, you can make separate columns in an excel sheet with the headings like keywords, volume of search, competitiveness, SOBC, KEI and relevancy. Fill up the keywords column with the number of keywords that have been thought and check the volume of traffic that can be generated by each keyword. For this you will need the Google keyword planner tool. The “competitiveness” will provide you the estimation regarding the usage of keywords by other organizations and the “relevancy” column needs your good business sense and capability to judge the business. Depending on the estimation of your business, a simple low-mid-high scale can be used for assigning the relevancy of the keywords.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

After the collection of data have been complete, it is time for the calculation of keyword effectiveness index which is a simple calculation of a mathematical formula– KEI=Search volume/Competitiveness. In other terms, the higher value of KEI indicates that the keyword has been searched by huge number of people. It is always desired by us of having keywords with large volumes but low competition.

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